Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NANC '08 ~ A Brief Overview in Pictures

I attended the annual NANC conference again this year with my husband, along with two other couples from our church. This time in St. Louis, Missouri.

The weather was beautiful pretty much the whole time we were in town. Right after the conference we took a quick tour of the Arch park and museum.

That's our hotel on the left, The Millennium, where the conference was held.

In case you don't recognize the gentleman in this picture, it's Jay Adams--that's one of the ladies from our church who happens to be one of only three NANC certified women in Oklahoma (I'm hoping to join their ranks soon!), and of course me on the right.

This is none other than Martha Peace--what a gracious woman! She was busy coordinating and assisting other booth vendors but made time for this picture. I've had the pleasure of being around her many times over the years (retreats, conferences, visits to our church) and she's always been a delight to be around--and I love her Georgia accent!

These are the other two couples from our church--we've attended the last three annual NANC conferences together and always enjoyed our time together. The man closest in the picture is also NANC certified--one of only two or three in Oklahoma--hoping that will increase soon, too!

And finally, this is just me being silly for the camera! The NANC hat was a gift from the Mary (she's in the Jay Adams picture with me above), she's been encouraging me regularly as I pursue my NANC certification! Don't give up on me Mary, I'm working on it!! :-)

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