Sunday, November 09, 2008

Give Thanks ~ November 9

I'm thankful for genuine Christian fellowship!

Not the shallow kind where you get together around refreshments, and maybe 'share a verse' or 'share a prayer request', but the kind where you expect to minister to one another, come prepared to minister, seek the opportunity to minister, and actually exert some energy to accomplish that!

I am so very grateful for the many opportunities He provides me (and my family) for such fellowship! And, I'm always the 'richer' for it--whether I'm on the receiving end or the giving end!


Terri said...

I am thankful also for genuine Christian fellowship. I am thankful that you are a woman who I can talk to and expect sound biblical advice and not a bunch of psychological babble. I appreciate you so much for that. And that you also don't mind if I throw in a break-dance move or two =)

Connie said...

...but I didn't actually get to SEE the break-dance move(s)!!!!!! :-) Encore??????