Friday, November 28, 2008

Give Thanks ~ November 28

I'm so very thankful that we no longer have to 'choose' between families when we celebrate holidays--both sides of our family are within reasonable driving distance!

Yesterday we spent the day with hubby's family, today or tomorrow we'll spend with my family.


Steve Scott said...


We don't have to choose, either. In recent years we'e been able to have all five Christmases. 1. My wife's family (divorced mom + siblings) traditionally celebrates on Christmas Eve. 2. We have our own nuclear family on Christmas morning. 3. My side of the family does Christmas dinner. 4. My wife's dad's family in January, and 5. Our adopted oldest's birth family has been on the calendar for a few years sometime in December. Ground Hog Day is more peaceful...

Connie said...

Steve: LOL!! Ground Hog Day...!!!! :-)