Monday, November 03, 2008

Give Thanks in November

Pardon me for getting a late start on this, but we were out of town (and out of Internet reach) on Nov. 1. Then, Nov. 2 was a busy day of church and fellowship, which unfortunately ended with a severe headache for me.

So, I'm going to follow Rebecca's lead at "Rebecca Writes" and post (some retroactively) my own thoughts of thankfulness each day in November!

I've done this in the past on my blog and really have been looking forward to doing it again this year--it has certainly caused 'thankfulness' to be on my mind more consistently and has grown into quite a personal blessing and 'correction' in not only my thinking but that of my daughters as well.

Join us! :-) Feel free to post your 'thankful thoughts' in the comments of my posts, or go over to Rebecca's and join us there.

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