Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Biblical Counseling Book Recommendation ~ "Women Helping Women"

Want to become better equipped to serve, minister to, and counsel your sisters-in-Christ? Want a better understanding of what Biblical Counseling looks like, and how very practical it is?

Then I highly recommend you consider buying a copy of, "Women Helping Women - A Biblical Guide to Major Issues Women Face".

Some of the 'major issues' discussed are:

~ Single Teen Mothers

~ Women Discontent in Their Singleness

~ The Post-Abortion Woman

~ Mothers of Rebellious Teens

~ Divorced Women and Single Moms

~ Women with Additions

~ Women involved in Sexual Sins

~ Medical Questions Women Ask

Not only does this book not shy away from some of the 'weightier' issues of life and sin, it begins with four chapters solely devoted to equipping you to actually offer Biblical counsel to other women--sort of a 'crash course' in Biblical Counseling! :-)

Those four chapters are:

1) The Philosophy of Biblical Counseling
2) The Methods of Biblical Counseling
3) The Essential Foundation: A Biblical View of Women
4) Why Women Should Counsel Women

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Kim said...

Looks great!