Wednesday, November 19, 2008

All I want for Christmas is...

And yes, I am quite serious. :-)

I've looked at this pretty much every time I visit our local Christian 'mega' store--which really isn't that often cause I rarely find anything there of significant interest, much less a good price. The charts in this book are grouped under major headings of systematic theology and there are charts detailing the different 'evangelical' (and some non-evangelical) views of eschatology, ecclesiology, etc. I can easily imagine how helpful these charts would be in certain counseling situations, not to mention my own personal understanding!

I had the great blessing of sitting under Wayne House's teaching at DTS (Dallas Theological Seminary) while my husband was working on his ThM. And when DTS didn't renew Dr. House's contract for the next academic year in the late 80's there was quite an uproar from the students--he was one of the favorites teaching there at the time. My fondness for Wayne House even goes back to before I sat under his teaching--when he was one of my regular customers at the bank I worked at near the Seminary (this was before I started working at DTS). I was amused and fascinated to find out that he had earned his Law degree from the law school then located at ORU (Oral Roberts University) in my home state of Oklahoma. And yes, I was more than a bit puzzled early on to find that this new (Calvinist) DTS prof. attended and survived ORU! :-)

So, for the next few weeks there'll be visions of "Charts of Theology and Doctrine" dancing in my head as I wait for Christmas!

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