Monday, October 27, 2008

Biblical Counseling Book Recommendation ~ "Trusting God"

Thankfully, God has equipped and raised up some really GREAT Christian writers in the area of Biblical Counseling! So, from time-to-time I will post a book recommendation--mind you it will be a recommendation as opposed to a review cause I never feel like I can/will do full justice to a book no matter how much I liked or disliked it. :-)

Today I want to point you to one of Jerry Bridges' books, "Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts". The book is quite manageable at 215 pages, but it will most definitely challenge, confirm, and refine your thinking on the matter of God's sovereignty.

This is the current book cover:

This is the original book cover--as is my habit (addiction) I found mine at a used bookstore years ago and have purchased additional copies to share/give away.:-)

Now, I've been fully persuaded of God's complete sovereignty since the mid to late 80's, but when I first read"Trusting God" sometime in 2003/2004 it was like cool, spring water to my soul! Seriously! I had recently become a mother (of two 'older' Russian-born daughters) at the age of 41, and although I was confident of God's sovereignty in giving me/us children I had lost sight of His loving sovereignty in the midst of the daily challenges of parenting (homemaking, home schooling, etc.), and how He was very faithfully causing "all things to work together for good...according to His purpose"!

Over the years I have returned to Bridges' book often for my own edification and clarification, as well as for the benefit of others around me!

Side note: I/we have been to three annual NANC conferences so far, and each year there are plenty of Bridges' books offered for sale by various book vendors--clearly he has proven himself in the area of Biblical Counseling.


Staci at Writing and Living said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I really enjoy reading about your experience as you obtain your Biblical Counseling degree. That's something that really interests me. I love Jerry Bridges, but I haven't read that one, yet. I know God is sovereign, but I need lots of reminders from time to time. :)

Marcian said...

A friend gave me this book when I was struggling with the sovereignty of God over circumstances in my life. I haven't finished it yet, but I'm working through it, and found the first few chapters very encouraging. I am thankful to God for bringing these people to use their experiences and temperaments and to write a book for the edification of the saints.