Wednesday, September 03, 2008

25th Wedding Anniversary ~ Bed & Breakfast Parlor

Here we are our first evening at the B&B--getting ready to 'step out' for a nice Italian dinner. The town is so small and quaint that we decided to walk to the restaurant.

I'm happy to report that we were able to stay true to our 25 year tradition of eating some manner of 'shelled' appetizer with our anniversary meal. This year it happened to be mussels in a wonderful garlic and white wine sauce. In years past we've had Australian cockles, escargot, oysters on the half-shell, etc. :-)

And no, he didn't have to 'train' me or force me into this tradtion--we ARE a 'match made in heaven'!


Marcian said...

Oh, Connie, that's such a beautiful place there! Congrats again! I'm still waiting for my match "made in heaven" and it's always encouraging to see that God cares about those little things.

Connie said...

marcian: Thanks so much! It truly amazed me all those years ago when I 'found' DH and he was more than I'd hoped for and certainly more than I deserved. May God continue to guide you in His path as you wait upon Him!