Monday, August 25, 2008

Heard in the Bible Belt...

..."untamed, undignified, passionate, and raw [worship]."

This is how a local church was advertising their worship service(s) on one of the local Xian radio stations this past weekend. I don't know about you, but I'm having some difficulty understanding these words in the context of Biblical worship.


Shawn Abigail said...

Allow me to exercise the gift of interpretation: "the music is very loud."

Kim from Hiraeth said...


Will you be visiting that church? I'd like to read Olga's review.

Carla said...

It's been a really long time since I've seen one in person, but those words would have easily described a mosh pit at any metal band concert, back in the day.

Just for kicks, I googled that phrase and found the church advertising this kind of worship. They're going to change the way we think about church, you see. See, if you're tired of church as usual... going there we can experience messages we can relate to, music that is electric and exciting, and real relationships with imperfect, relevent, authentic people who just want to gather together and have fun worship, while connecting with God. NO WAY do they want to get stuck in that "old time religion"! Oh, the horror. Okay.

I'm the webmistress for my church's website, and I am so tired of reading the same "cutting edge" nonsense on these "authentic & relevent" church websites, I'm half tempted to re-write the into on our church welcome page.

Something along the lines of "Tired of the cookie cutter fluff, and looking for a real church that believes in preaching the full counsel of God and takes holy living seriously? Leave your coffee in the kitchen, DO bring your Bible and sit yourself down in our pews where you'll hear a message you WONT like, because our pastor doesn't relate to culture he relates to Christ-centered living. Yes, he does wear clean, ironed clothes and YES we sing old time hymns, so get over yourself - it's about God, not you".

I think I'll run that by my pastor and see what he thinks.

Connie said...

Y'all crack me up!!! And, you confirm my 'concern' over the advertisment!

shawn: Sounds accurate to me--we've visited only ONE church (through our "Survey..." course) where I honestly considered plugging my ears. And I grew up in the 70's with 'louder is better'--have the hearing loss to prove it.

kim: I don't think so, we're running out of time as our own church will be moving back into our remodeled building and resuming our regular schedule soon. I'm not sure even I could 'stomach' this particular church.

carla: LOL!!! If I ever need a church webmistress, it will be YOU!!! Did you happen to notice where/under whom the pastor received his 'training'--speaks volumes to me! Oh yea, "fun worship" caught my eye too, but I honestly was speachless by that point!