Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where ARE these young men today?

"I think every church probably has a David or two--he is the rare college student who is passionate about theology, and feels a little bit like an outsider because of it. I wouldn't go so far as to put him in the 'rabid young John Piper groupies' department, but if he met a beautiful young girl wearing glasses, no makeup, and an indie-rock T-shirt, reading Calvin's Institutes, he probably wouldn't hesitate to ask her to 'court'."

I'm just wondering because our oldest daughter--who recently purchased her own copy of Calvin--would like to marry someone 'just like dad'! :-) That's my girl!!!

And as a side note, when her dad and I met (26 yrs. ago) I wasn't wearing glasses, most likely was wearing make-up, had no idea what an "indie-rock T-shirt" was, and while I wasn't reading Calvin's Institutes at that time I was definitely wanting a guy who was 'passionate about theology'. :-)

Quote from: Why We're Not Emergent

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