Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Worship or Entertainment?

"Much of what passes for worship today is nothing more than lightly baptized entertainment, and therefore is idolatrous. It is idolatry from which serious churches must distance themselves. Our principle must be (with apologies to Luther): 'Let us, therefore, repudiate everything that smacks of entertainment.' "

THAT is what deeply concerns me about the church today, so I was encouraged to read THIS article today posted by Ligonier.

Our oldest daughter and I are still visiting churches as part of her "Survey of Denominations" course, and we've seen the entertainment factor over and over again--not in all churches, but most (one church used concert-esque 'fog' on it's stage prior to the music team's arrival--I resisted the urge to find a cigarette lighter, hold it high and start stomping my feet on the floor). :-)

There's nothing wrong with 'excellence' in what we do, but in many cases we are forcing our assumptions about worship on the church and failing to hold those assumptions up against God's Word--thus offering man-centered worship rather than God-centered, God-honoring worship.

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