Saturday, April 05, 2008

Survey of Denominations - Where We've Been So Far

So far we've visited:

1) Lord willing, we'll be at THIS Presbyterian (EPC) church for the 'traditional' service.

2) And, Sun. evening we'll attend the healing service here, GUTS

3) Trinity Lutheran ~ Missouri Synod (it was so nice to be able to relax and not be on 'high alert' regarding the content of the preaching or the hymns)

4) St. Michael's - Reformed Episcopal (seemed a little more Anglican than we were familiar with when we lived in Dallas)

5) GUTS Church (charismatic in the contemporary 'hip' sense, and heavy into health and wealth)

6) Victory Christian Center (charismatic in the traditional sense, but not heavily health and wealth)

Still to come:

- Presbyterian (USA & PCA)

- Catholic (traditional and contemporary)

- Methodist (traditional and emerging)

- Emergent--if I can actually FIND where they meet besides a bar (our daughter is under 21)

- Anglican (traditional and contemporary)


Dana said...

Oh my! I went to the Guts church website...interesting.

I loved your comment about finding an emergent church outside a bar! I laughed.

I think this is an awesome assignment to do for school. I really think when mine are older I want to do least to make sure they understand why we believe the way we do and to be aware of false teachings!!
Thank you for sharing.

Jared Nelson said...

See if there is Liturgical Reformed Church in your region:

Connie said...

jared: thanks for the link, but none are near enough for a casual visit--wish they were! :-)