Monday, February 25, 2008

Contemporary Christian Music Pioneer Passes Away: Larry Norman

I just found out this morning at Challis' blog that Larry Norman died recently.

If you're not familiar with Larry Norman, go HERE and listen to a couple of his songs. I had to smile when I heard him sing this very familiar line, "...they say to cut my hair, they're driving me insane, I grew it out long to make room for my brain..."

I was introduced to Larry Norman back in the 70's while I was not a believer (although at the time I would have told you that I was a believer) and I grew to love his music for its uniqueness and directness.

I still have one of Larry's albums--the plastic kind--even though we haven't had a turntable for 15-20 yrs.!

Just thought you might enjoy strolling down memory lane with me, and seeing(hearing) what influenced my early Christian thinking and theology. :-)


Dana said...

I saw this over on Steve Camp's blog. Larry Norman was one of the first ones I heard too. I was only 8 years old. I remember him in the video w/ Geoff Moore (I think)....I was sad to see this. Steve Camp said he has been sick for while..

BTW, can you believe I have a vinyl too? It is a Petra one (More Power to Ya)!! The last one left from my childhood, it sits in my piano bench.

Connie said...

dana: Petra!!!!! As I read that in your comment THAT very song came clearly to mind--I loved Petra in the 70's.

I spent a good bit of time yesterday cruising the internet looking for and listening to Larry Norman, Malcolm & Alwyn, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Randy Stonehill, etc.

Now I REALLY want an MP3 player so I can download all those 'oldies' that I miss hearing. :-)

Dana said...

Actually iTunes has a good selection of some older Petra stuff! They were my favorite band for many many years. Gosh, all those names bring back so many thoughts from childhood :)