Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Survey of Denominations ~ Website Review and Evaluation

For those of you who asked:

In Phase One of our 'Survey of Denominations' course I am requiring Olga to view the website of a church prior to our visit. Ideally, she will view it early in the week in order to have time to organize her thoughts and consider her expectations.

I have included below the website review questionnaire I created (subject to editing, correction, etc.!). I also have a questionnaire to be completed after we attend a service at that church, and will post that later this week.

Survey of Denominations ~ website review

Church name:__________________ Denomination: ______________

Web address: __________________ Date viewed: _______________

First, view ONLY the home page:

What appears to be the focus of this website (fellowship, programs, social activism/renewal, political/cultural awareness, entertainment, theology/doctrine, a person/personality, etc.)?

Next, allow at least 15 minutes to explore this website:

Is the gospel recognizable and/or clearly presented? ____ Was it easy to find? _____

Is the gospel presented Biblical? _____ Why or why not?

Based on the website, describe the leadership (male, female, training and/or education, laymen, etc.):

What are the various ministries available (list them and describe briefly):

What services are available (worship, prayer meeting, mass, “traditional”, “contemporary”, etc.)?

Personal observations and conclusions:

Based on your examination of the website do you expect this church to be God-centered or man-centered? ____ Why?

Having viewed this church’s website, are you attracted to or ‘repulsed’ by this church?

Describe the aspects of this church that you find appealing, or objectionable:

Do you think your attraction, or objection to this church is Biblically based, or preference based?

Explain/support your attraction or objection:


Kim from Hiraeth said...


THank you!

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Hi again, Connie,

Couldn't find an email address. I would like to contact you re: a small request that involves "payment" for Olga in the form of a bookmark made by your's truly."

If you are interested in learning more about it, please contact me through my blog.


Connie said...

kim: I'll do that! :-)

BTW, I'll post the questions for the service overview and evaluation later today or tomorrow.