Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ice Storm ~ I'm a Lumberjack and I'm Okay...

..actually, I'm not really a lumberjack, but since most of our HUGE 20 - 30 yr. old trees are now in splinters on the ground or dangling dangerously in the air I'm learning some new skills!

What caused all this? An ice storm--rather common to this part of the world, but not always this severe.

Monday morning I was stirred from my slumber around 2:30 (yes, I got up and looked at a clock!) when I heard various "beeps" from miscellaneous electronic devices and appliances indicating that power had been lost. I whispered to see if my husband was awake, "We just lost our electricity." Not long after that we began to hear IT--CRACK, THUD!!!!

Tree limbs throughout our neighborhood, and in our own yard were snapping and dropping to the ground--and rooftops, and fences, and parked vehicles, and... Our oldest daughter said she thought someone was setting off fireworks during the night! That lasted for more than 12 hours and was a sight to see as tree tops disappeared from the familiar horizon.


ellen b. said...

Yikes! That's brutal!

Marcian said...

oh wow. It looks beautiful but I know that being without power is not fun. After all, this isn't some reality TV show where we get a prize at the end. My folks were without power, too, in OKC, and from the stories I heard, it sounds like I missed out on the adventure!!!