Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fudge Phobia

Warning: the only theological 'value' to this post is the fact that it reflects my efforts to die to self and battle my 'fear of man'!

I'm not naturally inclined to cooking. I do not receive much joy from it, although I am told often by my family and friends that I am a good cook--translation: edible, no need to suppress any gag reflexes. I'm okay with that, really! My chosen area of creativity involves all things related to fabric, patterns, thread, and needles.

So, LAST year when Carla posted about her easy and delicious fudge I was skeptical but tempted. However, because I am NOT an adventurous cook (understatement of the year), I simply tucked the thought WAY back in my mind. Unfortunately, that thought came to the front of my mind several weeks ago as I realized I was depriving our daughters of the opportunity to create rich and lasting memories--memories of "family fudge".

For those of you who do much cooking, you know that candy-making can be one of THE most complicated and temperamental forms of cooking! While growing up, it was my dad who would bravely dug out the big pot and ingredients several times each winter and made some of the BEST fudge and taffy I've ever had! We kids were assigned the very serious business of stirring, and stirring, and stirring, and...

So, I searched Carla's blog and determined that I'd at least try this "easy" recipe and see how it goes--and if it would be edible! Last Friday evening--our first full day with electricity restored--our girls and I made that fudge and it WAS delicious! No kitchen disaster, no need to throw it in the trash, no call to the fire department, and no scrunched-up faces as it was being 'chocked' down!

With THAT culinary success under my belt I began searching for my dad's 'famous' family fudge recipe. With a little help from my mother and a friend of hers I will be trying that recipe this weekend. It's much more complicated but I'm determined to no longer deprive our girls of this family tradition--and possibly the 'memory' of how to graciously deal with fudge-making disasters! :-)

Stay tuned, I'll let you know how it goes--and how the Lord might further sanctify me through this particular domestic endeavor!

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Carla Rolfe said...

I'm sure glad you tried this recipe and that you all liked it.