Friday, December 28, 2007

FREE ~ Online Daily Bible Reading Plans

There's nothing 'magic' about reading through the Bible in a year, but it is a very worthy goal and discipline in the life of the Christian. However, the task we begin with great zeal and purpose at the beginning of the year sometimes becomes overwhelming once we've strayed 'off track' due to illness, hectic schedules, or just plain laziness--guilty on all counts.

With that in mind I'd like to recommend you consider using one of these FREE online Bible reading systems! The first one, is the one I've been using for over a year now. I especially like it because I can choose from a variety of plans (New Testament only, Proverbs in a month, chronological reading, etc.) and each day's reading is sent to my email address--a great reminder and convenient format. So, in addition to my personal Bible study, I'm able to systematically read my way through scripture in a organized manner.

The second FREE online reading system was recently posted by Justin Taylor at "Between Two Worlds". I was introduced to the M'Cheyne reading plan by my husband years ago and really enjoyed it because the plan has you reading in the OT and NT each day--completing the OT once and the NT and Psalms twice per year. I haven't used the online version, but the various features and options sound great!


Marcian said...

I plan to start reading the Bible through in year. I have gone through several scenarios in my head, but was wondering what was the benefit of M'Cheyne. His calendar seems so scattered, is it possible to really understand what is going on? Or is that for a reason?

Or, should I just pick one way to go through the Bible this year, and then in 2009 try another?

Thanks for your input.

Connie said...

IMHO the benefit of M'Cheyne's plan is the variety you get in one day's reading. That, however can be a 'downside' to some as it may come aross as discontinuity--one of the reasons I've enjoyed the chronological reading plan from time to time.

You might consider what your reading goal is for the coming year. Is it to gain a better grasp of the 'flow' of the Bible? Is it to gain a clearer picture of the OT and/or NT? Is it to better acquainte yourself with where various themes are in the Bible, etc.? Is it primarily for the discipline and personal benefit of reading?

Once you consider those matters, I think you'll be able to choose a suitable plan that you'll be eager to stay with. :-)