Saturday, December 01, 2007

Book SALE!!!

During the month of December Grace and Truth Books is offering the The Excellent Wife book and study guide (BOTH) for only $12.50.

This book business is owned and operated by our pastor and his family. You might consider getting on their email list so that you can receive notice of their monthly specials.

I also see that they are offering Jerry Bridges' newest book at a discount in December! Hmmmm...


Dana said...

I found your blog through Kim's at Lifesong(reading her commnets). Thanks for the link, I think I might get this. I have never read one of her books but I see it comes highly recommended. Would you mind if I add you to my sidebar?

Connie said...

dana: Welcome! :-)

I hope you enjoy Martha Peace's "Excellent Wife"! Not only has it proved valuable for me personally, but it is a GREAT resource when encouraging/counseling other Christian women!

By all means, I'd be honored if you add my blog to your sidebar!