Friday, November 02, 2007

A Thankful November

Rebecca at Rebecca Writes has started something (actually "revived") something--on her blog and I'm going to join in!

During the month of November, she is hosting A Thankful November and invites other bloggers to post their thanks either through comments on her blog, email to her, or posts on your own blog. I invite you to join it as well--either here at my blog or through Rebecca's blog! BTW, several of my favorite Christian lady bloggers (Kim at The Upward Call, Carla at Reflections of the Times, and Kim at Hiraeth) will be doing this, so be sure to check them out!

Since today is November 2, I'm due to post TWO matters of thankfulness, so here goes:

Nov. 1 - My husband. Trust me, I'm not saying this for the "sappy" appeal! I'm thankful for my husband for so many reasons, but the one thing that continues to "define" him is his willingness and eagerness to sit, listen, and talk with me endlessly about spiritual and theological matters. He has never been demeaning to me when I just don't "get it", or when I don't necessarily share his perspective. But he has been patient, gentle and VERY encouraging as my interest and passion has grown and taken shape over the years. He has been and will remain my GREATEST teacher.

Nov. 2 - My two daughters. They've been ours for just over five years and I just have to stand "open mouthed" in awe of what God has accomplished and is accomplishing in each of them. Yes, there are challenges, but there simply is no mistaking the hand of God.

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