Monday, November 26, 2007

Thankful November ~ continued

Nov. 26 ~ I've been reminded afresh of just how thankful I am for our church!

Believe me, I don't take my church for granted! I've been a Xian for more than 25 yrs. now, so I've visited, attended, and even been a member of a wide variety of churches--charismatic, legalistic, "high" church, "low" church, traditional, contemporary, small, large, Baptist (Southern, Landmark, Independent, etc.), Presbyterian, Bible, etc. :-) Now, please understand that my varied experience is NOT because I/we "church hop". Most of my church experiences have come as a result of moving a good bit in my early adult life--searching for a new church is not for the "faint-hearted"!

Hubby and I have been at our present church for over nine years--it was the first and only church we visited when we moved back to this area. We don't have the "perfect" church, but last night during our evening service we were given the opportunity to focus on giving thanks through song and personal testimony. Each and every song and personal testimony rang true in my own life--God's grace during trials, God's continued work in sanctifying His people, God's provision to our flock in giving us diligent deacons, God's wisdom in giving us capable and compassionate elders, God's blessing of giving us more than our fair share of capable Godly teachers, God' mercy in giving our flock unity and a deep sense of 'family' care and concern, and God's amazing grace in saving many in our midst!

I am so deeply thankful that God, in His mercy and wisdom, has provided for us a church that not only preaches the truth of His Word, but has built a congregation that deeply desires to hear His Word, be challenged by His Word, and be transformed by His Word!

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