Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thankful November ~ continued

Nov. 11 - This afternoon I attended a "Remembrance" luncheon with my mother. The luncheon was hosted by the hospice that served my dad, who passed away this past June.

I was glad to attend for the sake of my mother, and honor the memory of my father. But I find these events woefully inadequate to give true and lasting hope as ONLY God can. The music was beautiful, the words were kind, the meal was delicious, and the gestures of kindness were plenty. Still, I longed for the comfort and company of believers who share the same ROCK SOLID hope I have been given in Christ.

It's a very sad thing to me to watch people groping in the dark for something solid to grasp. A woman at our table who lost her mother this past year, was sharing about a friend who has entered a deep depression. She asked one of the nurses at our table if the hospice had phone numbers of places/services that could possibly help her friend. Following a rather brief attempt by one nurse to offer a few "tips" (and some secular psychology), I asked the woman if her friend would accept Christian counseling and told her about the two certified Biblical counselors at our church. Her response was that her friend was a "devote Catholic", and that seemed to end the conversation.

Although I walked away from the luncheon earlier today still missing my dad, and aching over my mother's grief, I was nevertheless full and overflowing with thanks to God for the living hope He has given me through Christ Jesus! Only Christ satisfies this thirsty soul.


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Amen, Connie!

mummymac said...

What a good idea to have such an occasion on Remembrance Day. I lost my own mother to cancer in January. I like think I'm like you in that I grieve more about the fact that others don't have the hope that my mother and I shared.