Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Thankful November (continued)

Nov. 3 & 4 - I'm thankful for ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Russians! God has once again shown kindness to our family through native Russians. The past 24 - 48 hours have been a cultural "feast" for our oldest daughter (sadly, our youngest daughter has been sick for the past three days and had to miss out) as we have enjoyed time with various Russians at various events.

First, Friday evening we attended a piano concert by the Russian piano professor we met earlier this year. She has been such a kind and positive encouragement to our Olga--who plans to major in music (piano & cello)!

Next, our city has a "sister city" in Russia and a delegation of students and teachers arrived here late Thursday. We spent most of Saturday visiting with them and attending a Native American Pow Wow, then Sunday evening volunteering at the "welcome" party.

The really GREAT part of this isn't just that Olga gets to use her Russian with lots of native speakers, it's that she gets to meet these people from a different perspective. By that I mean the prejudices she once experienced because she was an orphan no longer exist, or evaporate quickly as they visit with her and get to know her. I continue to wonder what God has planned for her future--what He's done so far is mind-boggling to me!

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