Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is Your Church "Fad-Driven"?

Some people are surprised to realize that they are in fact part of a "fad-driven" church--one that embraces and uses wordly marketing methods (and stunts) simply to attract numbers, falsely assuming that large numbers of people equates to "good" teaching and discipleship.

The best true indicator of this is the depth of spiritual maturity--yours and those among your church membership and leadership. It's NOT a question of whether they are reaching out to the community, or welcoming the community in. It is a question of WHAT they give those people when they do reach out or welcome them--are they truly being given spiritual meat, are they being spiritually challenged, are they being changed into the image of Christ, are they growing stronger in their understanding of who God is, are they growing in their love for God AND His people?

Read THIS this and give it some serious consideration to how your church measures up.

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