Saturday, August 18, 2007

Where Have You Been In The U.S.A.?

(Red indicates states I've visited.)

Ellen at "Happy Wonderer" provided the link to this fun little exercise, "Where Have You Been In The U.S.A.?".

Being a lover of travel I had to play!! And, it instantly reminded me of my dad who passed away in June--he passed along his passion for travel to all of us kids.

Why not join the fun and post your map--let me know in the comments section so I can visit your blog!


jen elslager said...

What fun! I did mine. Now you have to tell us all about all your trips...

ellen b said...

You've been to quite a few states. You've got to make it all the way to the Pacific one of these days!

Connie said...

jen: Well, since those memories span pretty much ALL of my life, I don't know if you have time for "all" the trips. But in a nutshell, my dad and mom would load us kids (3) up every summer and off we'd go! We almost always stayed in "mom & pop" motels with a pool--a MUST. We RARELY stayed in those fancy "Holiday Inns" or "Ramada Inns"!! But, back then most of the motels were "mom & pop" operations. We visited LOTS of museums, cliff dwellings, mountains, desserts, National Monuments & Parks, and natural "wonders" of every sort!!!

ellen: You're right, and believe me I've tried!!! My parents took my sister and brother to visit family and Disneyland (!!!) before I was even thought of--said they'd never go back again! Still, we kept traveling back out west but never crossed the Calif. boarder or headed north (mom & dad did visit the northwest later when the nest was "empty"). I'll keep trying--one of these days I'll get there (Lord willing!!) :-)