Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Thanks for the anonymous gift...

Exactly how do you thank someone for an anonymous gift? Because we really would like to thank the person(s) who sent us a $50 gift card several weeks ago.

It arrived in a plain white envelope, hand-addressed to us--no I did NOT attempt to recognize the handwriting, even though my former profession and work experience qualifies me (even compels me) to do that, I resisted!!!! My first thought was, "How nice, a gift card!", then the "realist" in me wondered if it was a marketing tactic of this relatively new local restaurant--send an empty gift card just to get you in the door. I called to see if they could/would tell me what the value of the card was, they "couldn't".

So, this past Monday evening hubby and I trotted off to Los Cabos Mexican Grill in hopes of celebrating our 24th anniversary by enjoying a special meal together. The plan was to ask the hostess to determine the value of the card, if there was money, we'd consider eating there if we could cover any "extra" cost. If it was simply an empty card, we'd find somewhere more affordable to eat. Much to our great surprise the value of the card was $50, which we carefully used to cover our entire meal--and take home leftovers for dinner the next evening!

I'm hoping that by some small miracle the generous giver of the gift card reads my blog. If so, please know that we are deeply grateful for your generosity--and your fine taste in restaurants!

We are both culinarily adventurous and purposely order dishes that the other would also like. So, in that same tradition we shared the following:

(shared an appetizer) Ceviche: A combination of shrimp, scallops & tilapia marinated in lime juice mixed with tomatoes, onions & cilantro. Served chilled.

Seafood Enchiladas: Real crab meat, shrimp & scallops rolled in corn tortillas & topped with sour cream sauce & garnished with avocado. (John ate half at the restaurant and I ate the rest the next evening at home!)

Tilapia Los Cabos: Grilled white fish sauteed with creamy white wine sauce and topped with scallops, shrimp & real crab meat! Served with your choice of borracho or black beans, Mexican rice & garnished with mango pico de gallo & our tamale cake. (I ate half at the restaurant and John ate the rest the next evening at home!)

(shared a dessert) Flan: Creamy baked custard topped with a layer of baked carmel.

Thanks for the perfectly "delicious" evening with my best friend!!!


jen elslager said...

Well, wasn't that sweet of someone?

I love Flan.

ukrainiac said...

How fun for the GIVER!