Thursday, August 09, 2007

Local Home School Family Loses Oldest Son in Iraq

If you've ever wondered what "faith tried and tested" looks like I invite you to read this post and follow the links I've provided. While I am only mildly acquainted with this family--our paths have crossed just a few times through church and home schooling--I am strongly acquainted with many families who knew him and know his family quite well. They have a strong God-honoring testimony in our community and greatly appreciate our prayers.

Army Private First Class Jaron Holliday, was killed Saturday while serving his country in Iraq.

- Jaron Holliday was a 2004 home school graduate through the Christian Home Educators Fellowship of northeastern Oklahoma.

- Listen to Jaron's parents testify of God's mercy and grace on a local news cast, Family Of Fallen Soldier Opens Up About Their Tragic Loss

- Read Jaron's parent's news interview, HERE

- He is survived by his parents and seven younger siblings, visit the family website here, HERE

- Jaron's mother has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and began treatment recently. Read some of her thoughts HERE


Diane said...

Connie, are you on the MOMYS Digest too? I am so glad to see that you posted this on here. I know of Kelly through the Digest I'm on, and my heart just breaks for her, and the rest of the family. I've been praying for them. I'm so glad you posted this. I had thought about it, but wasn't sure what to say.

Connie said...

diane: No, I am not on that digest. My acquaintance with Kelly/Holliday family has been through home school and local church "circles".

We had hoped to attend the memorial service but were unable. I understand through a number of mutual friends that the service was about 2-3 hrs. long and was considered to be a VERY sweet time of honoring Jaron and giving glory to God. During the service, Kelly sang, "It is Well with My Soul"!!!! God truly does give grace and enable His children, as I can't imagine myself being able to do that under the same circumstances. After the service, the funeral procession took about a 2-3 mile trip to the cemetary. Along the route MANY families and groups lined the city streets waving flags in honor of Jaron.

I haven't crunched the numbers, but Sitemeter shows that a LOT of people have visited this blog by searching for "Jaron Holliday"--hopefully my post (and the links provided) prompted those readers to consider the faithfulness of God in the face of tragedy.

Diane said...

Oh, that's neat. I know of Kelly from the Digest we are on.

That's ashame that you weren't able to attend the memorial service. It took a lot of courage for Kelly to sing that, and God's strength. I've been praying for her, and her family daily.

I read on one of the Digest's, and somewhere else, that the Patriot Riders were there, and God answered that prayer too.

If we didn't believe in God's providence, I'd say it's a small world that you know Kelly, and that she is on a Digest I'm on. But it isn't, I've come across far too many things happening like this for me to ever say something like that.

May all who are led to your blog by typing in Jaron Holliday, be challenged by what you write.