Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy Blogging Anniversary to Me...

Yip, I've been blogging for one year--a pleasure and a challenge in so many ways!

I've met some wonderful people through blogging, but I truly owe a debt of gratitude to the following "lady bloggers" for encouraging (actively and passively) my interest in blogging, and for each providing God-honoring examples:

Lisa at Deo Volente (not only do I know her personally, her's is one of the first blogs I ever read)

Ramona at Light in Earthen Vessels (also someone I know personally, she's married to a certified "computer geek", so naturally she was blogging long before many others)

Carla at Reflections of the Times (she kindly answered some of my early blogging questions-- I hope to meet her in person someday if she ever visits the South!!)

Kim at The Upward Call (I'm always anxious to see what Kim is tackling from day to day [sometimes moment to moment]--maybe she'll travel South with Carla and I can meet her, too!)

Thank you ladies--Sisters--for sharing your love for the Saviour!


jen elslager said...

Woohoo! Congratulations! :)

Carla Rolfe said...

Happy blogiversary to you
Happy blogiversary to youuuuu
Happy blogiverrrrsary dear Connnnnnnnnnieeeeeeeeeeee...
Happy blogiversary to youuuuuu.


If I ever visit the south, I'll make it a point to stop for cornbread at your house.

Jon Nunley said...

Hey!!! I am SO thrilled you took up blogging. I love to read your posts! They always bless me and challenge me and sometimes make me laugh!

Press on, dear sister, in HIS truth and HIS love for HIS glory!!!

Lisa (Jon's wife)

ellen b said...

Happy blogiversary to you!

Diane said...

That's great, congratulations!

Kristine said...

Happy blogiversary to you, Connie! You've been an absolute treasure to meet on this grand blogosphere :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. Blogging is SO much fun isn't it? :-)
I am glad I found your blog.
~Kimberly B.