Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tsk, tsk, tsk...

WARNING: "frivolous" post alert!!!

Early this a.m. I was up, showered, presentably dressed, and out the door just minutes after my husband left for work--simply so that I could take advantage of an annual "20% Off" educational materials sale!

As you might imagine, in addition to saving money on school stuff, it turned out to be a great opportunity to gather and chat with other home school moms.

While chatting and strolling down an aisle with one particular home school mom, she picked something up off a shelf and said, "Yeah Connie, here's something for you!" Well, because she and I have had many interesting and civil discussions about the pros and cons of Reformed theology (which she prefers to call Calvinism--probably because she's Lutheran [Missouri Synod]), and because of her suspicious tone and ornery grin, I knew she was up to something!

We both had a good chuckle when I saw in her hand a pretty desk clock with the inscription, "Prayer Changes Things"!!!

I'm grateful for my "non-Reformed" friends who are willing and eager to consider and discuss theology--even though they are wrong! Just kidding!!! :-)


Marcian said...

Well, this post and the cat comment you made on TeamPyro. Loved that one...

Indeed, my cat is no respecter of persons.

Connie said...

Marcian: Good kitty!!!

Think we could possibly build a defense for the redemption of cats, and the reprobation of dogs??? LOL :-)