Monday, June 25, 2007

Theology MATTERS - God's "Little Princess"????? (!!!!)

Warning: this just may be my first blog "rant"--you be the judge.

You may find this surprising--and a bit disturbing--but I subscribe to a variety online "Christian" e-newsletters. I like to see/read/know what's "coming down the pike" (aka: waves and wind of doctrine) through the Church in our post-modern culture.

I'm sometimes pleasantly surprised and glean some valuable insights, but more often than not I'm saddened and disgusted. The most recent source of concern came from the review of a book written for women which states,

"Even though you don't wear a tiara while doing laundry or ermine robes when grocery shopping, you're a princess nonetheless! Shepherd's collection of adoring letters from the King will help you "polish" your self-image..."
Excuse me, "adoring letters from the King", "polish your self-image"???? Are they honestly claiming that this has been drawn out from the Bible?

On the back cover it says this, "...and we are chosen by Him...", yet in one of the "letters" it says this, "...Remember, it's your choices that will pave your path to life. I will not force you to do anything. I have given you a free will to walk with Me or to walk away from Me. I want you to know that you can put on your crown at any time..." Okay, which is it? Did God choose me, or did I choose Him?

Am I to "glory" in some fanciful/fabricated notion that in God's eyes I am "Daddy's Girl" or His "Princess" (both used freely in the book)? Or am I to glory in the Biblical truth and knowledge that because of Christ's blood sacrifice I have been bought and subsequently brought into communion with the triune God--the very creator of the universe?

Please ladies, if I've misunderstood or misrepresented this book, please tell me! But I'm concerned that this sort of unbiblical writing (and thinking) which appeals to our flesh and our desire to "feel good" simply perpetuates a view of God that does not exist in Scripture and encourages a man-centered theology. Can I "harp" on that enough?

You can find the bookHERE. Oh yes, did I mention the related "Princess" jewelry and doo-dads marketed/available for purchase? Sigh...


Kim said...

Excuse me while I lose my lunch.

That sounds positively nauseating.

Btw, Connie, I have been seriously considering certifying with the Nouthetic Couselling Association. I e-mailed them and asked them if they have ever had any Canadians particpiate, and I got some really positive feedback. Maybe you could e-mail me sometime, and let me know what you think.

Connie said...

Sorry, should have included a "loss of lunch/meal" warning!!

I will email you privately, but also will say right here and now (based on reading your blog for almost a year) that you most definitely are already well on the "path" for NANC certification and would benefit greatly!

Any chance you would plan to attend the annual NANC conference in 2008--they hold it every OTHER year in Indianapolis, IN. We were there last year, and this year is much closer to home for us--Ft. Worth, TX (the other side of the world for you!!)

Larissa said...

Wow! Girl I love what you are sayin'! Well actually I seriously hate the continual path of sin that I am perpetually fighting, but I love the truth of the gospel that preaches that a worm like me was saved by his merciful and AMAZING grace! I have often seen the new princess books for little girls at our local christian book stores and cringed while at the same time praising God for giving me boys--as the gospel of self esteem seems so much less prevalent with them, is this book you are speaking of in that group for children?

Connie said...

larissa: This particular book is for women--not sure if they have published any for young girls (I hope not!)

That said, I have run across at least one unrelated book for young girls that uses the "princess" theme to illustrate how her relationship should be with her earthly father and his role in protecting her and preparing her to be a Godly wife and mother--much different than the line of books I've mentioned in my post!

I'm just so weary of people "dumbing down" our understanding of God and making Him our "buddy" or "daddy".

I do realize that there is a sense in which, as Christians, we do enjoy a level of comfort and intimacy with our heavenly Father. But I fear we communicate that by bringing God down to us, rather than us aspiring to be like Him.

Thanks for commenting! Blessings to you as you raise Godly sons to become Godly husbands and fathers!!

KristineT said...

Ugh. Speechless. My, does that leave a nasty taste in one's mouth. They publish this stuff, because there's such a huge market for it though...I hope that by God's grace, there is a glorious revival of the understanding of the holiness of God; one that seems to be so terribly lacking in so much of today's literature, teaching, sermons, etc. Maybe then, we won't be so easily seduced by this kind of...umm, nonsense?