Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

I've very kindly been tagged by Kim at Hiraeth and Rebekah at Sweet Tea With Lemon as a "Thinking Blogger"! See the neat award now proudly displayed in my side bar? Ohhhhh, ahhhhhh... :-)

As a result of being "tagged" I am now to tag five bloggers (for each time I've been tagged, so that would mean ten!!) who I consider to be a "Thinking Blogger". This is rather difficult because not only do I read a relatively small number of blogs, most of them have already been tagged by other "Thinking Bloggers"--I knew I should have gotten right to this earlier today, but since it was "Testimony Tuesday" I didn't want to "bump" my testimony.

As you can see in my sidebar, I already have a category for "women who challenge my thinking", that's a total of five. Then I have a category for "other blogs that challenge my thinking", that makes at grand total of twelve! So, I guess I'm done, right?

Not quite! Most of those bloggers have been tagged, or wouldn't have time to be tagged! So, I'll offer you a short list of some blogs that I've been "watching" lately--I like to read a blog for a while before I add them to my bloglines and blogroll.

Let's see, there's (in no particular order):

Biblical Womanhood Crystal's posts are eclectic, but always focused on being a woman of God.

Aim To Please Him Diane likes theology, NANC, roses, and china tea cups--we're kindred spirits!

Lifesong where Kim isn't afraid to stand firm--girl after my own heart!

Grace is Still Enough where Glenna blogs about infertility and God's sovereignty--a topic near and dear to MY heart (even after ALL these years)


Glenna Marshall said...

Thank you SO much for the honor! I will try and pass along the award to others.

Thank you for reading my blog; I am always blessed by your comments. This is one of the first times I've actually gotten your page to load on my computer. My laptop is a bit old and sometimes I have trouble loading certain pages. Unfortunately yours is one page I've had trouble accessing. Since I was able to access it today, maybe my troubles are over. If so, I look forward to reading your blog more often.

Thanks again for the honor! I hope to challenge others through my writing; most often, though, I end up challenging myself and working out my thoughts on the computer screen.
God bless you, sister!

Kim said...

Thank you Connie! This is such an ecnouragement for me! You just do not realize how much this means. Praise God for His grace that somehow allows my blog to make others think more of Him.

I am blessed by you today!!!

In Christ's Sacrificial Love,

Connie said...

glenna: "I end up challenging myself..." You're so right--it is a very nice by-product of blogging!

kim: You're most welcome! Please continue to "stir and remind" us ( II Peter 1:12-14).

Diane said...

Connie, thank you so much for tagging me. You made my day.

It's taken me this long to thank you because I've had an uncooperative mouse all day. Thankfully, it appears to be working now.

Connie said...

diane: You're so welcome! Sorry to hear about your technical difficulties--gives a whole new meaning to "mouse problem"! Ha!