Sunday, February 25, 2007

Practicing Theology - Behold, children are a gift of the LORD...

I invite you to visit THIS blog post. It's from a new blog that was brought to my attention through Tim Challis. I haven't spent much time reading the other posts, but as you can imagine this particular post caught my attention--wonder why? :-)

As I read the various comments I considered how our culture's thinking has wrongly influence our thinking regarding family and children. More specifically, the notion that choosing to be childless could be in line with God's revealed will and/or even a noble choice in the case of a difficult marriage?

I submitted a rather lengthy comment (which is awaiting moderation) in which I shared my primary concern:

Because I've walked on both paths--childless and motherhood--I urge us all to consider how we should strive to agree with and hold forth God's revealed thinking on this matter, "Behold, children are a gift of the Lord!" (Psalm 127:3) . I don't know of any other "gift" from God to which we so readily say "no thank you".

I welcome your thoughts here on my blog--do you think that the Church is allowing (welcoming) our culture to influence us to disagree with God's view on this?


sheshe said...

I know that when this is said, it usually refers to biological children. However, I would like to propose that it applies to adopted children, also. Adopted children are no less a gift from God than those of our womb, yet so many turn their backs on them. They choose to not pursue adoption due to a lack of funds or because it does not seem to fit into their current lifestyle.

Each time we chose to bring a child into our home through adoption, we took time to pray, inquire of other believers, and seriously consider the decision. The first time I made the emotional commitment to adopt particularly stands out in my mind. We had three biological children at the time, all of which were born out of very high risk pregnancies. God brought two Russian orphans into our lives and we were praying about whether to pursue an adoption of them or not. At one point, as I was praying, I thought of someday standing before the Lord while he was asking me, "So, why did you NOT pursue the adoption of My children?" My answers were along the lines of, "Well, we just didn't have enough money," and, "I just wasn't sure we had the energy for two more children." Could I truly stand before God, the Creator and Author of all things with those meager excuses? After all, HE was the one who provided us with everything we had and HE was the one who gave us energy for each day. At that point, I gave up my will for His and trusted that if He did not want us to bring those children home, He would make that clear to us along the way.

That was eight adopted children ago. Today, God has brought our adoptions to a halt, at least for now. If he ever chooses to open that door again we will welcome whatever gifts He brings into our hearts, but for now we have the privilege of serving Him through these blessings He has bestowed upon us.

In the body of Christ, not all members are parents. And not all members who are parents are to be adoptive parents. I just ask that we seriously consider, when faced with a decision such as adoption, whether it is God who is holding out His hand with a gift for us.

Connie said...

sheshe: VERY well said!

You lend a great deal of credibility to this discussion, as a mother of home-grown AND hand-picked children.

I too, consider adopted children to be gifts from the Lord!