Thursday, January 04, 2007

Practicing Theology - Decision making and God's word

There's a post over at Pyromaniacs today discussing decision making in light of God's Word.

Ladies, this issue is HUGE!! What you understand and embrace regarding decision making and God's sovereignty in your life (as well as the world around you) will seriously impact how you will respond to the"ups and downs" of this life--all of which have been ORDAINED by God for YOUR good and HIS glory. I'll admit that life and relationships are often painful, and even scary, but your knowledge of God and resulting trust in Him arms you to "fight the good fight" and "press on", and better equips you to minsiter in your calling as a wife, mother, friend, sister, etc.

Dan's post brought to my mind some people I've known over the years who don't have a high view or clear understanding of God's sovereignty (something I definitely plan to cover in my Monday "Theology 101" series). That prompted this comment that I left at Pyromaniacs,

"...Some people tend to wrestle with God's will and decision making in hindsight. By that I mean, if things didn't go well (as defined by them and/or society) for them in a particular area, they assume that they "missed God's will". There tends to be a complete disregard for God teaching/training/growing them through trials/suffering, or the possiblity that they suffered the consequences of foolish and/or selfish motives. This often stands out when chatting and/or counseling women in "unhappy" marriages..."
Then, later in the day when it seemed to me that many commentors were clearly confused or unwilling to embrace the full extent of God's sovereignty, I left this comment,

"I love these posts/comments...cause I get to see/read how others "get" or "don't get" something that presents no problem for me. On the other hand, I more frequently see how others "get" things that simply escape me!!

In my understanding and practice, "coloring in the lines" is merely pointing out that God has given us freedom within the context of His principles laid out in scripture. We are "free" to proceed accordingly--the resulting blessings or consequences are contained within what He has already ordained and set out to accomplish.

I've heard it said that if you want to KNOW God's will for today, wait until tomorrow. :-) Therefore, I can rest in the knowledge that what happened yesterday--no matter how I perceive it--happened according to God's will. I am obligated to make decisions based on my knowledge of God's Word and His ordinances."
I hope you'll spend some time reading Dan's post and the comments left. I find this sort of exchange VERY refreshing, challenging and helpful to grow in my own understanding of who God is as He has revealed Himself in and through Scripture.


Rebekah said...

Yes, that was an excellent post. Much to think about for sure. Learning to trust that God is sovereign in everything definitely does lead to being able to experience His peace even in trying times, because I can trust Him, as you said, to work it all for my good and His glory. Amen.

My husband likes to say there is no "what if" with God. We don't "miss His will" when living within the parameters He has set for us.

Connie said...

Rebekah: So true--no "what if" with God! I think the "within His parameters" escapes many Xians due to lack of knowledge/understanding. There's just so much God has given us in His Word pertaining to "life and godliness"!!!!