Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Blogs, Christians, and Reading

Kim over at Hiraeth posted THIS today and invited others to respond. I hope you'll consider her questions too, and leave your response here (via comments), or go over to her blog and respond!

So, here are the questions and my responses:

Has reading Christian blogs increased your desire to tackle weighty Christian tomes?
The desire has been there for years; however, Christian blogs are encouraging me and giving me the confidence to follow through.

Have you learned of Christian authors and theologians that you might not have otherwise known or read? Yes, some who hold views slightly or vastly different from mine.

Have you purchased or borrowed books that were recommended by bloggers?
Fortunately, my husband and I have built a good personal library over the years so most of what I want/need is right down the hall. But, yes, I did recently borrow a book (contemporary) from the local library that was mentioned on a blog.

Have you read fewer "real" books as your blog reading has increased?
No! Blog reading seems to spur me on to read the real thing for myself.

Has the availability/searchability of great Christian works caused you to rely upon them merely as resources?
No, I hate to risk taking them out of context so I try to read them myself.

Do you think reading the great Christian authors and theologians is important and/or profitable?
YES!! :-)

Do you read them? Yes.

If so, who do you recommend?
Edwards, Berkhof, Packer, Owen, Luther, Sproul, Pink--and there are plenty of current/contemporary "great" Xian authors and theologians who are making their mark!

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Kim from Hiraeth said...

Hi Connie!

Thanks for answering the survey. It's funny, your answers are very much like mine; right down to the authors! We read a lot of the same theologians/writers.

Off to add your link!