Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The "Therapist" in us all

For sometime now, my husband has been preaching through Psalm 119--he is an Elder at our church so is frequently called upon to teach/preach as the need/opportunity arises.

Recently he expounded verses 49-56 and opened with the following observations and challenge,

"You probably didn't realize it, but you are a full-time counselor. Don't believe me? When you men pass that arrogant co-worker in the hall at work and think, "Boy, I hate that guy!", you just counseled yourself. When you wives and moms think "I do everything around here and nobody appreciates me!", you just counseled yourself. When you wake up and your pain is still there and you think, "Why me? Why hasn't God taken this affliction away yet? Others don't suffer as much as I do", you just counseled yourself.

So you see, you're pretty active at it. You do it constantly. Now, you'll notice that I didn't say that you were necessarily doing Biblical counseling! But the Bible has a lot to say about what you say to yourself. It also has a lot to say about how you ought to be counseling yourself.

Is there any hope for you as a self-counseler? Can you learn Biblical Self-Counseling? "Yes!"

In Psalm 119, the writer lets us peek inside his thought-life--particularly the things that he says directly to God, as he wrestles with life's difficulties. He draws upon God's word as his source of Godly counsel and has lofty praise for it.

In this section of Psalm 119, the writer shows us how he counsels himself using God's word. He is suffering at the hands of wicked men, but God has help for him in Scripture. This man teaches us how to draw out that help and put it to use. He can help us replace the un-biblical counsel we typically give ourselves..."

I bet it won't surprise you when I say this sort of Biblical "self-counsel" is rooted in knowing God as He has revealed Himself in His Word, which of course results in the theology we embrace and "practice".

So, with this post I inaugurate yet another "series" I hope to present weekly (Wednesdays) for your pleasure and edification--and for my further sanctification in disciplining myself to such an ambitious goal! Pray for me, please! :-)

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