Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mommy Wars being fought on a new front

I'm disappointed--NOT surprised--that there continues to be a willful ignorance among feminists regarding the nature of work, satisfaction and acheivement enjoyed by stay-at-home mothers. This was hightlighted today by Carla Rolfe's post at her Reflections of the Times blog.

However, I'm encouraged to see that the feminists have been forced to adopt a new tactic--riding on the coat-tails of the gay rights movement! The American feminist movement has admittedly languished in recent years, so naturally they must find a new front from which to fight.

Be encouraged stay-at-home moms, even though we continue to be misrepresented, our diligence and contentment is impacting the world--way beyond our front doors!

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Clarissa said...

I was just reading a blog page about choosing home and purposing to choose Him through our stay-at-home mommy lives. It was thoughtful and I enjoyed it.

Here is the link if you are interested:

If that won't work (I'm not completely link savvy) just copy and paste it into your browser.