Friday, October 20, 2006

Encouraging and admonishing one another - Practicing Theology

I'm so very grateful for brothers and sisters in Christ. Especially those who practice Biblical encouragement and admonishment--which we all need! I have several such sisters in Christ with whom I am in regular contact, in person, via phone, or via email.

I'm reminded of 2 Peter 1:12-13, where Peter says, "Therefore, I will always be ready to remind you of these things, even though you already know them, and have been established in the truth which is present with you. I consider it right, as long as I am in this earthly dwelling, to stir you up by way of reminder."

We each need Xian sisters and brothers to stand in the gap like Peter did and remind us of God's truth, found only in His Word. Sadly, this has become a lost art and too many of us spout worldly wisdom and/or cliche's.

So, to you who have been used of God in my life to "remind you of these things, even though you already know them", thank you! The only words that truly heal and direct come from God Himself--found in His Word.

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